Hymn#134 Playing: And Can It Be?

Nepean Baptist Church

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Hey folks! The Brand New Web Site is now up and running! Check it out by Clicking HERE! Nepean Baptist Church in Kingswood NSW.To read the words and hear the tunes of some of our Hymns we sing here at Nepean Baptist Church Click Hymns Page 1HERE! We have been adding HEAPS more new hymns as at October 18th, 2015Go to Hymns 2 Page....for more Hymns... There are links on that page for the first, third (Where I have added even more hymns recently as at July 12th, 2016) and fourth pages. HERE!Monthly-Weekly Page....... A reminder if you are looking for Nepean Baptist Church in Canada Click HERE! Nepean Baptist Ontario, Canada

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No more Sermons are being added to this site, as from the 8th May, 2016..

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