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The History of
Nepean Baptist Church.

"Where the Old Time Gospel Still Goes Forth after 40 years!"Thanks for visiting the Church History Page...don't forget to check the 'Find It Fast!' Index at the top and Links to other areas at the bottom of the page for other places on this web site to visit.

Message from Geoff Moore

If you have happened to view this page and you are a former Member or attender of Berean or Nepean Baptist Church (We changed our name in the mid 90's for various reasons - details on request), I would appreciate it if you would contact us through the e-mail links located throughout the Web Site or you can Click HERE! to leave us a message.

Always interested to make contact with any former members.

We are in the process of transferring a lot of the material we obtained from the 35th Anniversary in here in the form of a Photobucket Slide Show..and share it with those of you who were unable to attend.

Do please keep returning here and check the page as I get things going in a little while.

One more thing you can Click HERE! to check Our Picture Gallery for more photos of Church History and other more recent events.
We hope photobucket will get the Slide show and Organizer going again real soon so we can see the pictures in time lime order.

Geoff Moore, Web Site Admin.

Pastor and Mrs. Funk

Pastor & Mrs Funk
Founders of our Church

After having served the Lord in the Philippines, Pastor Leslie Funk came to Australia to found a Church in the Penrith area he called the "Berean Baptist Church".
The name was derived from Acts 17:10-15 where the people of Berea "received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

This was his vision for the Church which held its first service in the, as then known - Penrith Senior Citizens Centre on 2nd. July 1972.

On the 24th of February 1974 the Church was constituted with ten Charter members.

On the 31st March it called its founding Pastor Leslie Funk as its pastor.

  • Due to ill health, the results of being a prisoner of war, he resigned and returned with his wife to the USA.

Pastor and Mrs. Goodman

Pastor & Mrs Goodman - Later picture

In September of the same year Pastor Harvey L. Goodman was called to the Pastorate, a position he held for 12 years. During their time in Penrith their 3 children grew to theor teen years.

For the first six years the Church continued to meet in the Senior Citizens Centre.

Berean baptist in 1974
Around the corner, the Sunday School was run concurrently with the Morning Service; in the CWA hall.
Here is a photo of the first group of the church, when the Goodmans came.

Berean Baptist Sunday School -late 70s
The Sunday School in the late 70's.

First Sod turned for new building project by Pastor Peter Matthews
Turning of first sod in 1980.

In 1975 a double block of land was purchased on the current site and a couple of tent meetings were held in the interim till 1980, when Stage 2 (at the back of the block)...of the building was commenced. This consisted of a double story building where Sunday School was held on the lower floor and Church Services concurrently on the upper level. Picture below is with the Berean Baptist Christian Academy children out front
you can see the preparation for the main auditotrium there as well.

Stage 2 of Building
Stage 2 completed

Stage 1 - Main Auditorium started
Stage 1 - Main Auditorium started
Stage 2 behind

Pastor and Mrs. Ken Burdett

Pastor & Mrs Ken Burdett -later picture taken at the 35th Anniversary

New Auditorium completed
New Auditorium Opened

In 1984 the New Main auditorium was opened and shortly after in 1985, Pastor & Mrs Ken Burdett came to the church.

  • It was also at this time that Penrith went through a transformation from being a small Services town and Railway town to becoming a very strong community of people from all walks of life.
  • Over a period of five years from 1982 to 1987, particularly; Penrith modernized greatly and moved forward from a quiet town on the Border of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Sydney and Country New South Wales to a bustling Metropolis with a large vibrant community from Emu Plains in the West, Cranebrook/Mount Pleasant in the North to Luddenham in the South and St. Marys/St. Clair in the East..
  • ...we are at the moment updating the history of this stay tuned for more additions...

Pastor David Kemplay-Hill began with the church in 1991 and many new ventures were begun. About the time he started we had just widened the interior of the Auditorium with removal of an internal wall.

Pastor & Mrs Hill with the new Church Sign

Pastor and Mrs. D. Kemplay-Hill

Pastor Hill paid a great complement to our former pastor, now Dr Harvey Goodman in the way our building was designed to allow expansion as it was needed, without major structural alterations. And so now the building's last internal wall is gone and we have capacity for another 60 persons in the Auditorium.

Church Family at the Kemplay-Hill's Retirement Day

After 25 years of service here at Nepean Baptist, due to declining health, Pastor Hill has found it necessary to resign as pastor of the church. On February 7th, 2016 a Retirement Day was held for pastor and Mrs Hill to recognize over 40 years of service in several churches including our church here in Kingswood, NSW.

We tried to get the photos of Pastor Hill's Retirement day on here, but we finally put them on the following photobucket Slide Show. These are not sorted yet. - Geoff Moore

Click HERE!Pastor Hill's Retirement Day

Pastor and Mrs Kemper

On February 7th, 2016, Pastor and Mrs Kemper took over the ministry here at Nepean Baptist.
New programmes have been installed and all the members are getting involved in their different responsibilities in the church.
Included in these is a brand new website that you would have seen promoted around the place.
We are trusting the Lord to build up His church in the coming months and years.

A stroll down through Berean/Nepean History.

  • For the first six years the Church continued to meet in the Senior Citizens Centre.
  • In 1975 the land on which the present building stands was purchased and building commenced in 1980.
  • Most of the work was done by the members with the help and supervision of professionals. (we will put some further comments regarding work on second hand iron beams etc -from some old church bulletins in here later on)
  • By 1981 the first stage (officially Stage 2 on the plans)..was opened with the Church hosting the National meetings of the *Australian Baptist Bible Fellowship in September -
  • *now known as the "National Baptist Fellowship."
  • The main auditorium (Stage 1) was completed in 1984.

Stay with us more coming soon - Geoff.

Mrs. Tarn and Suzy

Mrs. Tarn and Suzy Crocket

"Mrs Tarn was one of our 'Distant Members'..who moved up to the North Coast of NSW with her family quite a few years ago, she still was considered part of us at Nepean as she had been since for some years with the Lord."

Snippets of News from days gone by at Nepean

We will, very soon, now in 2013, be adding some old "musings" and notes from way well as some little items that may be of interest from the early days of our church here in Kingswood.
Here is a first that was added back when we first got this web site going in 2002.

The Old Gravel Driveway

Back in about 1980, it was decided to get some Blue Metal gravel laid for our, yet unpaved - Church Driveway.

  • Pastor Goodman called for helpers to come on Saturday morning to help with the laying of the gravel.
  • Looks like all the healthy labour slept in that day.
  • as the 2 sole labourers arrived for work, it was a pretty overwhelming site, looking at this great pile of blue metal gravel sitting in the drive way, to be laid out.
  • so we began with our shovels, and boy! we thought it was going to be a long, long job.

  • So the total volunteer staff consisted of our Assistant Pastor back then Bro Peter Matthews, and myself.
  • I was a lot healthier back in those days, let me tell you.
  • I think we both silently prayed for God to help us as we did not want to be still laying out gravel next day, before the Morning Service!

I guess we all remember that verse "Before you call I WILL ANSWER!" AMEN!

All of a sudden we noticed a Front End Loader tractor coming up Bringelly Road!

  • We yelled and shouted out to the driver, AND HE STOPPED, turned and drove in to where we were recovering from our initial exertion, not making much of a go of the pile!
  • As we had managed to get this fellow's attention; Bro Peter and I were discussing what sort of money we should offer the guy to help us out!! as it happened I had about $10 in my pocket; so we offered this to the man to roll out the gravel for us.

What would have taken us all day and then some to do, this fellow did in about FIVE MINUTES!! Praise God!...AND HE DIDN'T WANT ANYTHING FOR IT!

What a wonderful BLESSING from the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

If anyone else has any old stories about Berean/ Nepean please e-mail Geoff through the Church E-mail link. We are in the processof transferring this information to our new website at the link below.

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