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Check with our Pastor for times. Soul-Winning

The primary purpose of door-knocking is not to lead someone to Christ but to spread the gospel throughout our community.

This is called "The Great Commission."

As we go forth telling people the Gospel occasionally some people will decide right there on the spot to receive Christ as their Saviour.

This is a blessing and an encouragement as we go, and means that follow up must take place to allow that person to grow and assimilate into the Church.It must be totally clear that you do not "save" anyone and therefore it should not be thought that you are unable to go door-knocking.

If you can walk, talk, and think you have all the qualifications that you need to spread the Gospel in the community.

  • Nepean Baptist Church runs a Door-Knocking Ministry
  • at specially arranged times.

Sometimes this ministry is expanding to involve "John & Romans"booklet distribution for those who are not so confident in speaking but still want to share the gospel with the community.

  • Also it will include tract dropping or letter-boxing for those who are even less confident but still wish to spread the gospel.
  • This is not limited to a particular Group; but is a Church wide ministry.
  • In other words all are encouraged to take part in it.
  • If you wish to participate please see Pastor Kemper.

Evangelism Booklets

Opportunity to Serve the Lord

Are you involved in our DOOR KNOCK DAY?

  • Think about it, Pray about it, and be ready to take up the opportunity to be used of God to reach others for Christ.

Matthew 9:38

Pray ye therefor the Lord of the harvest, that He will
send forth labourers in to His harvest.

Persist in Getting The Word Out

Perhaps you recall the story of a man who distributed tracts for many years on a street corner.
Finally, seeing no visible results, he gave up.

When he returned to the same spot two years later, he saw another individual handing out Gospel leaflets as he had done.

Striking up a conversation, he discovered that the man had become a Christian through a salvation tract given him on that corner about two years before.

The convert added, "Many times I've come back here to find that earnest worker and thank him, but he never returned. I decided he must have died, and so I've taken his place!"

  • The first man suddenly realized that his work had not been in vain.
  • Much encouraged he went back to giving out tracts the very next day.

It takes many blows to crack a hard boulder; and if one stops too soon, all his previous efforts go to waste, for the work of the sledge hammer is cumulative.

It is the constant pounding on the same spot that weakens the stone.

  • This is also true of the flinty hearts of men.
  • The Word of God, "Like a hammer," may have to be applied often before it breaks "the rock in pieces" (Jer. 23:29).

So don't stop witnessing to that needy soul


The next word of Scripture he hears, may be the final stroke that will open his heart to the Gospel!

Author Unknown


A suggestion to get you started, from Geoff, this old Web Site Admin:-

  • My wife and I have; on our trips, in years gone by, left Tracts in Motel rooms as well as in the Gideon Bibles, there, if there was one in a drawer of the room somewhere.
  • We have also made a practice of leaving Tracts on the table at a Restaurant, right here in our area, as well as when we are away - as we leave.

  • Who knows; as from the true story above, the affect of leaving these little "Gospel Gems" around?
  • Who will we meet in Glory, some day; because of our faithfulness in spreading the Word of God?
  • Even though we may never meet any of these this side of the Rapture.


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