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Pastor & Mrs Kemper.

Monthly/Weekly Announcements.

Our Church Family
in 2016.

This page is no longer being updated go to our new church web site.

In our new church bulletins each week there is a roster for the church cleaning, Scripture reading,flowers and for the Morning Tea organization.

We are in need of more people on the morning tea roster
If you would like to help in this ministry, please let Deborah Kemper know.


  • Ladies Bible Study 10am at the church, every second Wednesday, all through the year.
    See Deborah Kemper about the bible study booklets, Ladies!
  • .Wednesday Nights at 7:30PM, Prayer Meeting.
    Remember- The prayer Meeting is the Power House of the church
  • Fridays - Kid's Club at the church- 5pm -7pm weekly
    Children aged 6 - 12 yrs (Primary)
  • Sunday School goes out of the main service each Sunday
    during the last Hymn in the Morning Service,
  • Evening service still commencing at 5pm.


NOTE: from hereon there will no longer be future notices
of coming events on this website.
You need to get the information from the weekly bulletins at church or the new web site as above.


Click HERE! for information on how you can contact Bro Nigel Duboc.

Nepean Baptist Youth United Never stops,
ALWAYS ON Every Friday Night at 7:30pm at church......Sunday School only operate in School Terms throughout the year.

A Young Adults Group is now functioning for 18 years and over.

See Pastor Kemper for details.

Kid's Club for 6 -12 yr olds Fridays at the church from 5pm- 7pm.
A weekly event.


Matthew 9:38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest, that He will send forth labourers in to His harvest

Wednesday Nights

7:30pm- Prayer Meeting & Bible Study - at the Church.
Come Join Us at the Powerhouse of the church!


Nepean Baptist Youth Group - Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

See Bro Nigel Duboc for details.

Click HERE!Our Missions Programme. to find out the Missionaries we support.
Prayer Letters are now available on the back table at Church.

We now have 'LIVE" Hymns and some of the Missionary and Visiting preacher's Sermons are on Sermons Page 1 and 2.
As at mid MAY, 2016 we went to SAME DAY Morning Sermons. on the new Web site - Evening Sermons being added the following Wednesday.
Click HERE! for the new Nepean Baptist web site and check it out!

Click HERE! to listen to some Missionary and Visiting preacher Messages.

Click HERE! for more of the above.

Hymns continue on this web site and may even be expanding..

Click HERE!Page 1 to hear our Hymns and read the words from Hymn 1 up to Hymn 160.

Click HERE!Page 2 to hear our Hymns and read the words from 177 up to Hymn 315.

Click HERE!Page 3 to hear our Hymns and read the words from 363 up to Hymn 463.

Click HERE!Page 4 to hear our Hymns and read the words from 463 up to as far as we have from our Hymnal on the web site.


Note for new visitors to this Site:

You may be looking for answers to life and would like to know how you may have Peace with God, and know for sure you can have a Home in Heaven when you leave this earth. If you are that one, then..

Click HERE! Alternatively you can contact us by Clicking HERE! if unsuccessful the link is available at the top of most of the web site pages to contact us.

If you have recently come to know Christ as Saviour and you would like to grow more in Him, check out the Discipleship series that is available to help you on request; by Clicking HERE!

History of our Church

Click HERE! for some History photos of the church over it's more than 40 years of existence (more coming soon);and also pictures of all our Missionaries in a "Image Rotation" Format- follow the directions for the best results.

Life Builder Bible Studies

By Clicking HERE! you can check the recently updated selection of Bible Studies from our former pastor, David Kemplay-Hill.
There are 22 studies at present but I will be adding several more real soon.


  • Our Faith Promise For Missions for the year 2016-17 is $26,256.
  • for the support of His work on the Mission fields.

***What are YOU doing to reach The City of Penrith for Christ? *******

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