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Our Missions Programme

Our Missions Programme is supported mainly by our Faith Promise giving. For those who have prayed and trusted the Lord in providing what he would have them do for Missions through our Faith Promise programme, then THIS is the time to begin your giving as you have trusted the Lord to provide.

"God's Word to the World"

Missionary Backgrounds

The Lord has been directing this church in such a way that His people here have been learning the Grace of Giving- especially to the Lord's work on the Mission Fields of the World.

We are privileged, as a church, now, to trust the Lord's enabling to support, financially, and in prayer- Missionaries' work in most Continents of the world.

We have now combined the old "Missionaries We Support" page, with this one as Missionary letters will not be included on our new web site. They are now only available on the back table in church, as they come in.

The list of Missionaries whom we support is on here, below.

Write to our Pastor Nathan Kemper at the following e-mail address for any MIssions enquiries.

Gilbert and Joy Anger - International Missionary Support .

Billy and Annette Ayre - Missionaries To Romania

Nurse Jane Balgowan - Medical Missionary to Vanuatu

Rob and Serena Booy - PNG.

Bob and Sela Buster - Tonga

Chris and Suzy Crocket - Romania

Dave and Julie Crowe - PNG

Tony and Debbie Evans - Japan (Debbie saved in our church.)

James & Elisabet Felipe - Spain

Alex and Elizabeth Holowaty - Argentina

Chris Hustler - Evangelist in Australia & International.

David & Wendy Kaufmann

Pastor Kendy Lamai - National Pastor- Kiunga Ind Baptist Church PNG

Fred & Shirley Scofield - Lighthouse Baptist Press, Queensland, Australia

John & Joanne Spoelstra - Netherlands.

Sydney Bible Baptist College.

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