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Sermons -1 - Visiting Speakers Messages

We have now moved some older visitor's messages and Pastor Kemper's Testimony in here for preservation.. - Geoff Moore Web site Admin, January 2016.

1 - AM - May 31st, 2015 - Pastor Kemper
Personal Testimony.

The next collection of Messages
are from our Missionary To Romania, Pastor Chris Crocket
during his time in Australia
prior to and later with his family, in 2015.

2 - AM-May 24th, 2015.-Our Missionary from Romania
Pastor Chris Crocket.
Preaching from the Gospel of Matthew.

3- 7:30pm, Sept 12th, 2015- Youth Rally
Pastor Chris Crocket.

4-AM-Oct 11th, 2015 - "Repentance & Faith."
Acts Ch 17:22.
Pastor Chris Crocket.

5- PM-Oct 11th, 2015-"A Man Who Met
With God.
Genesis Ch 32:9 and on.
Pastor Chris Crocket.
Includes the Crocket Family Singing "Were You There?"

6-AM-February 7th, 2016 - "I Have Fought
A Good Fight"
2 Tim Ch4:7. commencing with Solo
"I'd Rather Have Jesus"
by Pastor David Kemplay-Hill.

7 - PM-February 7th,2016 -"Pastor Kemplay-Hill's
Celebration Service."
1 Cor Ch 4:1-2
Psalm Ch 89:1.
Pastor Mario Schiavone
Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Nepean Baptist 44th Church Anniversary Messages
by Ps Derek McConnell - August 27th PM & 28th Am and PM
By special request.


8 - PM-August 27th,2016 -"Joseph"
Genesis Ch 37 - vs 1-18.

9 - AM-August 28th,2016 -"The Bridegroom"
Song of Solomon Ch 5;1.

10 - PM-August 28th,2016 -"The Lamb
Of God.
Genesis Ch 22..

NOTE: All regular Sunday AM and PM messages can now only be heard on the new web site HERE:

Nepean Baptist Church

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