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Nepean Baptist Sunday School Theme Song Playing:
Composed and arranged by Geoff Moore

Sunday School

Sunday School Now commences Sunday Mornings in the AM Service At 10 a.m. at Nepean Baptist Church

We now have a a new format for Sunday school.
Basically Sunday School now starts in the morning worship service and then gathers as one class (kindergarten to year 6) lead by 2 or 3 teachers. These "teams" of teachers will serve for 3 months per year on a rotation type roster. Vacancies for teaching teams are available!

We look to the Lord that he might build these precious ones in faith and with His grace.

Here are the Words to the old Nepean Baptist Sunday School Song..
(the tune of which plays as you open this page.)

Nepean Baptist Sunday School Song.

Originally written as the School Song
for Nepean (formerly Berean) Baptist Christian Academy

First Chorus:-

We're Nepean Baptist Sunday School;
We love to study the Bible,
It's really cool, and with our Teachers,
Singing, Stories and Activities;
We would love for you to be here, too.

Verse 1

We learn to memorize God'a Holy Word,
As Psalms says It's a lamp to our feet to light our path,
We'll hide His Precious Word in our hearts,
That we might not sin against God.

Verse 2

We love our Saviour for He died for us
So our sins might be forgiven as we trust in Him,
Awaiting His return to take us up
So that we might live forever in His care.

Last Chorus

We're Nepean Baptist Sunday School,
We're learning God's way's the best way
_ for me and for you;
So as we study the Bible
- to know just how we ought to grow,
We -- can -- live --for -- Him -- our -- whole -- lives -- through.

Original Music Copyright G C MOORE 1980, 1995 and 2004.
Words Copyright 2004 G C MOORE.

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