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Why We Are An Independent Baptist ChurcH

Our Heritage and Faith

When it comes to churches, it is almost impossible for each of us not to have some preconceived ideas. Some of those are based on experience, some on hearsay and some on assumptions.

Denominational names and names of movements identify groups of people.

To some people an independent Baptist Church is something strange and new.

Actually, independent churches which have been Baptistic in doctrine have existed since the early apostolic times.

Long before the Protestant Reformation began there were independent churches in both Europe and Asia.

An independent Baptist Church, therefore, is neither new nor novel. It has an ancient and glorious heritage.

Today there are thousands of independent Baptist Churches through out the world.

What is it then that makes an Independent Baptist Church distinct?

An Independent Baptist Church is:

A Self Governing Church:

Each local church is autonomous and is governed by itself, not by any outside body,synod,union, etc.

A Bible Centered Church:

The Word of God is our absolute final authority for all matters of faith and practice.

A Church that is Sound in Doctrine:

In the Bible we learn everything from creation to the state of things in eternity and how to get to heaven. Error including the charismatic movement, results from man taking Scripture out of context.

A Church that is Characterized by Purity:

God expects holiness and purity in His people and we strive to obey God's commands in this.

A Church that is Missionary - Minded:

We support world -wide evangelism by supporting missionaries in prayer and in finance.

A Church that Seeks to Follow New Testament Practices:

Baptists have always believed that baptism is for anyone who has personally received Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Hence we follow New Testament practices and do not baptize babies. We also observe the Lord's Supper to remember His death and soon return.

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